The Top Bridal Trends for 2016


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It may not seem like 2015 was that long ago, but the dresses worn, accessories used and decorations picked are now a thing of the past. If you went to a wedding in the last few years, you probably noticed that many of the dresses and accessories that the brides wore had a similar look. Designers now offer dresses that are completely different and some fun accessories that work with those dresses too. Regardless of when you plan on tying the knot, check out some of the top bridal trends for the new year.

Show More Skin

When you think of traditional wedding dresses, you probably think of those elegant ballgowns that reach all the way to the floor and dresses that have sleeves covering your arms. Designers now want you to show off a little more skin on your wedding day. Strapless dresses, especially those with a sweetheart neckline, are particularly hot right now. Other brides prefer off the shoulder dresses that show off their necks and shoulders. You’ll even find shorter dresses that let you make the most out of your sleekly toned legs.

Think Outside the Box

Arabian women often wear mehendi art on their arms during their wedding ceremonies.Even if you have no Arabian heritage, you can still think outside of the box and incorporate your favorite heena mehndi design. Artists use a temporary ink like henna to create elaborate designs that snake down your arms and on other visible parts of your body. Go way outside of the box with a sari or another traditional piece of clothing that you wear during the ceremony or your reception. Craftsvilla offers a wide selection of traditional and authentic dresses and accessories that are perfect for your big day.

Make the Dress an Accessory

Are you tired of wearing heavy jewelry and accessories that weigh you down? An elaborate headpiece, tiara or veil might look great during the ceremony, but it can also poke you in all the wrong places. Instead of wearing a lot of extra accessories, make your dress the main accessory. Some of the hottest dresses now come with elaborate jewelry actually sewn into the material and accents like gemstones and sequins attached to the front and back. These dresses have so much bling that no one will notice you aren’t wearing jewelry. Rock any of these hot bridal trends at your upcoming wedding.



I’ve been out of touch for so long. I know… and you know what? I’m not sorry about it. Once in a while we need to disconnect ourselves from the technology and have an actual “life”. I miss y’all though. (If there’s actually a y’all out there. Hahaha!)


Okay, here’s an update. I passed the TSI test! Yes, I actually did pass. I  beat my unicorn, my mythical foe, my waterloo, my Bermuda triangle, my math part of the exam. Bwahahahaha! It may sound soooo dramatic to some when it was actually just a test. But you know what, it is a big deal to me. It just took me 4 tries before I passed the test. Yes, I took it that many times and I didn’t gave up and it paid off. I’m going to nursing school, baby! Yeah!

After my TSI, I took the HESI 2 test… and wouldn’t you know, I passed! I killed that test and got 96%. Oh yeah!

Lastly, I took my CNA certification exam and I passed. I am licensed, baby! I also just got a job at a nursing home.

There you go, you’re now updated on my latest endeavors. I was busy taking exams left and right. Busy turning my life around. And despite all the studying and blinding headaches, I’m happy with all my achievements. It took awhile but it’s now over. I’m a few steps away to becoming an LVN.

I will really try to still get on this blog and chronicle my hardships and triumphs. It may not be current news as I may share the events on a later date…

Anyway, I will share about my family’s not so eventful yet happy life on the next post.

Au revoir! 💋

A Do Over

How long has it been? It feels like forever since I wrote something in this blog regarding me, my family, or my life. Well, here’s an update…

Last summer I went to college and took 2 classes, I took my TSI and passed, and now I’m making my way to get in the nursing program.

My daughter started pre-K last August and my son is in Kindergarten. 

Husband and I are finally alone for a good 8 hours every weekday on his days off. It feels good to have some alone time together just hanging out and whatnot.

Hopefully, over the next few months I will be blogging more and more. By the time regular nursing school classes starts? Hmmm… this site will be gone, maybe. Or… I will start the a new photo series which I could update everyday.

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for my little ones’. The day started just fine. They woke up right away, got ready, ate breakfast and off we went. They git situated easily in their classrooms. Logan was playing it cool like any second timers. He went straight to his chair and started playing with the play doh that was waiting for him there. Izzy on the other hand was the all-excited-giddy one. She was quick to drop her thinges when she got in her classroom and went straight to the play kitchen area. I didn’t even got a chance to take a picture of her.

First day of school. Aug 24, 2015

First day of school.
Aug 24, 2015

After we took them to their class, hubby and I went to the front office to straighten out Izzy’s enrollment issue. It took us 3 hours to get it fixed but I’m glad it was done and over with.

Right now, I’m enjoying the quite and my much needed rest. I had one of my horrible migraines last night and was really worried I wasn’t gonna make it at my kids first day of class. But God is good and I’m alright now.

Here’s to an awesome school year for our kids! Cheers and God bless!

“Just Because” Springtime Flower Ideas

flowerSometimes it is nice to give flowers to someone for no specific reason. Spring is a beautiful season, and there are many different beautiful, seasonal flowers that would fit the bill for this type of gifting perfectly.

These beautiful, fragrant flowers always awaken the nose before they are seen. They can fill a home with a relaxing floral aroma as soon as they come into the room. With the wide variety of colors and their attractive flower bunches, they are a classic springtime flower.

Tulips generally are not the go to flower for special occasions; instead, they are more affordable flowers that are abundant in shops and perfect for a surprise bouquet. They do not have much of a smell, but they are beautiful in table settings, windows, and on side tables. There are tons of shades and colors, from bright springtime colors to light pastels and dark, deep shades.

Calla Lilies
Calla lilies are also another common flower used in spring bouquets. These flowers have an air of romance about them, commonly making their way into mid-spring weddings when the weather is just beginning to warm. The standard white calla lilies are simple, yet stunning.

Giving someone flowers for no apparent reason is a wonderful way to brighten that person’s day. There never has to be a reason to give flowers; it can be done “just because”. Find your flower at florist shop Sydney.

Marriage on the Rocks

Is your marriage falling apart. Do you feel like the end of your marriage is imminent? If this is the case, you should be proactive and start to look for a divorce lawyer to handle your case in the event you do indeed get divorced. Where divorce is concerned, you do not want to wait until the last minute to look for a divorce lawyer. You want to already have your ducks in a row if the time comes that you feel divorce is your only option. If divorce is unavoidable, you need experienced lawyers, like the ones working at Cordell & Cordell, to protect your rights and assets. Here is how you can go about finding an experienced divorce lawyer.

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1. Consult with people you know who have been divorced

With the divorce rate as high as it is, it should not be difficult for you to find several men who have been through a divorce. It is no secret that men have to face an uphill battle when they get divorced. In the vast majority of marriages, they are the primary breadwinners. Therefore, men have much more to lose than women do. After you find several men who have been through a divorce, talk to them about the lawyer who represented them. Ask the men if they are happy with the representation they received. Find out how well the divorces went for the men you talk to. Did they need to pay a lot in alimony? If they have children, were they awarded custody, or an acceptable amount of visitation?

2. Search online for divorce lawyer reviews

The Internet is chock full of reviews for various lawyers. You should be able to easily find many reviews of divorce lawyers in your area that were written by former clients. These reviews will give you some information regarding the quality of legal representation you can expect if you hire that particular lawyer. If you notice that a specific divorce lawyer is receiving many great reviews, be sure to set up a free consultation.

3. Schedule some consultations

Once you have chosen a few lawyers that look good to you, give them a call to arrange a consultation. This will give you the chance to discuss your case with the lawyer. He or she will tell you what you should expect during the divorce process. You will also discuss how much the lawyer will charge.

Enjoy Staying in Rome

photo not mine

photo not mine

There are many ways to search for Rome hotels, but visiting a travel website can make the search fun and easy. You can find discounts on hotels upfront and even get deals on flights to your next destination. Rome is a wonderful place to visit whether you plan on going for a religious holiday or to taste some of the amazing food and wine this area has to offer. If you want to experience an amazing vacation or find a place to relax while on a business trip, a travel website will give you all of the details you need to plan ahead.

Look at Different Hotels
Rome has a variety of hotels from small boutique choices to large five star resorts. You can find a beautiful place to stay in this city whether you are looking for a small and comfortable room or a hotel that has wireless internet, a swimming pool, and fine dining options. When you look at a travel website, you can look at different hotels until you find the right one for your visit.

Find Out What to Do in Rome
If you visit a travel website, you can see that there are a ton of interesting things to do when you are in Rome. You may want to visit the Vatican City or check out the ruins of the ancient Roman Empire. If you are looking for music and art work, consider visiting Trastevere. There are many fun things to do if you are looking to spend some leisure time in this part of the world.

A travel website can give you advance warning about transportation in an area and also what to expect in certain neighborhoods. Rome is a remarkable place to visit, but you may not enjoy driving there. The roads are small and extremely crowded. You may prefer to walk, ride a bicycle, use the subway, or even ride in a taxi.

If you are thinking about visiting Rome, you should be sure to make reservations as soon as possible. This area is always full of excitement and bustling with people. You should try to get tickets to large attractions ahead of time and plan out as much of your trip as possible before you reach this majestic location.