I’ve been out of touch for so long. I know… and you know what? I’m not sorry about it. Once in a while we need to disconnect ourselves from the technology and have an actual “life”. I miss y’all though. (If there’s actually a y’all out there. Hahaha!)


Okay, here’s an update. I passed the TSI test! Yes, I actually did pass. I  beat my unicorn, my mythical foe, my waterloo, my Bermuda triangle, my math part of the exam. Bwahahahaha! It may sound soooo dramatic to some when it was actually just a test. But you know what, it is a big deal to me. It just took me 4 tries before I passed the test. Yes, I took it that many times and I didn’t gave up and it paid off. I’m going to nursing school, baby! Yeah!

After my TSI, I took the HESI 2 test… and wouldn’t you know, I passed! I killed that test and got 96%. Oh yeah!

Lastly, I took my CNA certification exam and I passed. I am licensed, baby! I also just got a job at a nursing home.

There you go, you’re now updated on my latest endeavors. I was busy taking exams left and right. Busy turning my life around. And despite all the studying and blinding headaches, I’m happy with all my achievements. It took awhile but it’s now over. I’m a few steps away to becoming an LVN.

I will really try to still get on this blog and chronicle my hardships and triumphs. It may not be current news as I may share the events on a later date…

Anyway, I will share about my family’s not so eventful yet happy life on the next post.

Au revoir! 💋


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