Read of the Month: Wreck This Journal

This month’s book isn’t actually a read per se. It is a journal. I just got it in the mail today and so far I had fun scanning through it and the artistic side of me is so excited. This journal is called Wreck This Journal. This book got less writing but lots of pages for you to fill it in. Fill it in with lots of crazy ideas! It will take you to the edge.


As I have read on reviews online, this book/journal is very therapeutic. It is a great stress reliever. But if you are somewhat like me with great respect for books i.e. no writing on theme, treat it with great care, etc… You will probably find it somewhat hard to do the activities on each single pages. Over the next few weeks, I will share with you the progress on my “wrecking this journal”. I will not spoil the surprise but making you peek on my journal right now. But you can always take a peek at someone else’s by googling Wreck My Journal. You will see just how great each and everyone’s journal is. Their individuality really shines through each page.

Stay tuned for my next Wreck My Journal Update!