Three Ways To Optimize Your Aesthetic Appeal In 2015

confidentThese days, many people are interested in looking great so that they can feel confident in the skin that they’re in. If this is your objective for 2015, note that there are numerous ways for you to realize the goal. Here are three simple strategies you can put in place to optimize your aesthetic appeal:

1. Enhance Your Wardrobe.

The clothes you wear have a profound impact on how good you look and feel. With that idea in mind, it’s a good idea to focus on selecting clothing items that enhance your features. One wardrobe item you should take into consideration in furs. Many people view furs as a sophisticated, subtle garment that contributes to the cultivation of an alluring look. If you’re interested in buying a fur coat or vest, consider making your purchase from a company that offers a wide selection such as ML Furs.

2. Get Your Teeth Whitened.

Another great way for you to optimize your aesthetic appeal is to get your teeth whitened. Getting your teeth whitened will dramatically improve the quality of your smile. Moreover, you can now obtain relatively cheap teeth whitening strips over the counter. If you’re willing to invest a bit more in this venture, you can have your teeth professionally whitened by a cosmetologist or dentist. Also keep in mind that beverages like tea and coffee can stain your teeth, so omitting these liquids from your diet is a natural way to keep your teeth white.

3. Start Weight Training.

If you’re serious about optimizing your aesthetic appeal, consider the value of weight training. In addition to helping you cultivate a more sculpted physique, weight training helps you lose weight or maintain your weight by increasing your metabolism so that you can burn more calories while at rest. If you’re not familiar with the world of weight training, you may want to consider the value of hiring a personal trainer to assist you. These individuals have extensive experience in the fitness industry, and they can generally cultivate a customized exercise program that is tailored to suit your personality and fitness goals.


Individuals who are interested in optimizing their physical appearance this year should note that there are numerous ways to make it happen. To get started, be sure to implement one or all of the simple tips and tricks listed above. Good luck!


Melt Your Pain

In the medical field, pain management is always a major concern in any Health Care Plan. One of the most common questions a person is asked, “Are you in pain and if so, on a scale of one to ten, where one is nothing and ten is the most horrible pain, what are you?” An increased level of pain slows down the healing process. When you’re young, your normal state of living is probably a one out of ten unless you have a chronic condition. As you get older that number generally beings to scale up. In your fifties and sixties, most people will live at a three or four out of ten. It’s generally because of this chronic state of pain, older people will have higher pain tolerance.

Sue Hitzmann has created a multifaceted system called M.E.L.T. to rehabilitate your body and assist with pain. It focuses on hydration of the connective tissues of your body, tissue that is vital to maintaining the frame of your body and keeping your different organs “glued” together in proper arrangement. It also incorporates different exercises into a short fifteen minute regimen to be done three times a week (this time frame is what’s minimally needed to start experiencing improvement). A third prong is also a different look at life, a change in philosophy.

Melt method started when Sue started to experience foot pain. Eventually the pain escalated lasting a full twenty four hours, leaving her exhausted through the day and interrupting her sleep. The standard method of managing pain through heat and ice did not work for her. She continued to live in pain. At this juncture Sue began to research alternative methods, and this was the beginning of M.E.L.T. She discovered areas focusing on hydrating fascia (connective tissue) and light touch exercises/therapy. This fixed her pain issue.

So if you want to avoid living in chronic pain or currently live in chronic pain, the Melt method is a natural pain relief that is worth checking out. Practicing this method also is perfect as a preventive measure. As they say, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Ways to De-stress

photo not mine

photo not mine

In today’s times, everything is stressful. People often juggle things  way more than they are of accomplishing. I am speaking from experience and by observation. Stress is such a common word, it’s like the norm. People get sick, exhausted and plain drained out of life. It’s like fun, happiness and relaxation is very hard to come by. People relax by sleeping. Sleeping should be a part of your  day to day activity, not  reward. Most people work too much that they forget that their health is declining. What’s the use of working and making money when you’ll be using it in the end paying medical bills. You worked too much it sent you to the hospital.

Priorities, people! There is more to life than enslaving your self with work. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is to remove stress in your system. How do you do that, you ask? Here are a few:

Yoga– Yes, yoga. It’s not just the new health or workout fad. In fact, it’s been around since you and I were born and it works. There are so many friendly-neighborhood yoga studios now. As much as coffee shops actually, like this yoga in Perth. Yoga will help you do the proper breathing to de-stress. Yoga will help you focus also, and that equals to being productive!

Don’t take your work home– Make your time at home for your family or if living alone, for your self.

Worry less– worrying is very counter-productive. If it is something you can solve right there and then, then it is something for later. Learn to focus.

Get enough sleep– I know, too many clubs to hit, so little time… been there, done that. If you can handle it, go right ahead. If not, sleep is as precious as gold.

Eat Well– And by it well, I didn’t mean it to drown sorrows. Eating well means to never skip a meal because there are work to do. There will still be work after you eat. You first before work. I hope I don’t have to stress more importance into this.

Be Healthy

When it comes to health, I always think of the saying “Prevention is better than cure.” Living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent sickness and other health issues than the road. But with today’s fast paced world, one can’t just simply do the healthy lifestyle. It’s too much work that you think it is. Going to the gym is a chore, honestly. Working 8-5 and going to the gym after?! I don’t know about you but some just can’t. It’s not an excuse but for people with kids it seems impossible. I salute everyone who can handle it, but I just can’t blame or call anyone lazy the others who can’t. But I know others compensate it with healthy diet. And that is awesome.
So, with these health issues we might encounter in our later years, for anyone living in burlington, health insurance are available. It is better to be ready than drain your retirement fund in paying hospital bills, right?! it sounds morbid but that is life.


If you have been following me on my other blog the McMfitMom, on Facebook, and on Instagram, you know that I’ve been training hard this past 6 months. In my younger days, I used to run, A LOT. I was fit, healthy and happy. After I had my babies, I haven’t done anything physical. The most physical thing I did was probably chasing my toddlers around. I felt heavy, I was happy but not with my body and so unhealthy. I have jiggly fat everywhere. My arms, legs, midsection and in places I never thought would jiggle.

Fast forward 6 years, here I am now starting on my bodybuilding journey. It was totally different from running which I used to love and do. Bodybuilding makes me feel strong, not only healthy. Not many ladies lift free weights. I often get looked at funny when I head straight to the free weights room instead of going towards the rows of treadmill machines at the gym.

Hydrating before, during and after training is a “must do”. I could drink a liter easy while lifting. That’s before I discovered BODYARMOR.

download (1)

Electrolytes + Vitamins + Coconut Water + Natural Flavors, Colors & Sweeteners


I have been very lucky to have given a chance to try BODYARMOR.


It has completely changed how I hydrate. I love every flavor and the way it makes me feel refreshed in every sip.


It comes in 6 delicious flavors.

  1. Fruit Puch
  2. Tropical Punch
  3. Strawberry Banana
  4. Mixed Berry
  5. Orange Mango
  6. Grape


It is hard to pick a favorite flavor. Can I just say, I love them all?

These days, my training won’t be complete without my BODYARMOR. It is as vital as my pre and post-training protein shake. BODYARMOR unlike any sports dink won’t make you feel guilty drinking it. Everything is made from natural ingredients. When you work hard to achieve your desired body, it is just right that you look after what you put in it. No nerve-popping-ingredient-only-God knows how to pronounce it on its label. Best of all, the coconut water in it is amazzzzzing!

Upgrade your sports drink now! To know more about BODYARMOR, visit their website HERE.
For the latest updates, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Look Good, Feel Good

Working out is no easy task. There are times when I have to literally drag myself out of the house to the gym. Often, I have to talk to myself into it. Motivation is the key they say, but sometimes you will run out of motivation when 3 months into working out you are not seeing much of physical progress.

One thing for sure that motivates me into going to the gym is when I have a new cute gym outfit. A girl can still look cute sweaty, you know? The weird face you make while doing dead lifts is nothing when you have the cutest sports bra or the most colorful workout apparel on. The outfit distracts the spectators.

A girl can train like a man but still look like a goddess. And achieving that sporty goddess look is easy with Sweaty Betty. They got cutest, most colorful, and stylish workout apparel you can think of. Most of my gym friends tease me to stop training like a girl. Well, yeah! But training like a man doesn’t mean I have to don baggy workout clothes on. I can work out like one but I definitely would not look like one.

Looking good makes you feel good. And a great workout apparel shopping therapy will certainly give you the motivation to keep on going the healthy track. And a few more coordinating sports bra and yoga pants would not hurt, right?

But seriously, just stick to the program. Every second you spend in the gym is all worth it in the end. Slow progress is better than sitting on your ass and no progress at all. Whenever you are in doubt, the more reason you have to go and workout. Don’t you feel good while working out? And don’t you even feel better after? Tired, but it feels great nonetheless. The body pain is your weakness leaving your body. And the sweat is your fat crying.

So celebrate! Celebrate by buying more adorable workout apparel. It is a prize you earn for working so hard. Or so I say to myself. J

New Dentist Treatment Could Make Fillings, Injections and Drills a Thing Of The Past

toothScientists have looked into the possibility of teeth being able to repair themselves in the future, as researchers have recently brought forward the possibility of fear-inducing drill sounds putting patients off of the current treatment. The idea of teeth being able to gradually repair the damage done by tooth decay was explored by researchers at King’s College London, who said that electricity could potentially strengthen teeth by “forcing minerals into the layer of enamel”.

The hope is that this latest form of treatment could potentially overtake current dentistry requirements, with drills, fillings, injections and other off-putting methods of treatment currently being used overwhelmingly. Researchers have instigated the possibility of having the new method of treatment available within the next few years by introducing a start-up company that will devote their time to making the technique much more commonplace by 2018.

So how exactly does the new form of treatment work? Well, the focus is primarily on the minerals that are gradually leached out of the tooth during the process of breaking up food in the mouth. These minerals include phosphate and calcium. Researchers at Kings College London decided to try and try and strengthen the position of these minerals through the introduction of an electric current. The electricity helps to push the minerals deeper into the tooth, so that these minerals aren’t lost as easily during the eating process.

Teeth are often vulnerable to decay when acid that is produced by bacteria found in foods starts to expose the minerals that help to strengthen the tooth. Kings College researchers are confident that their new method of treatment, known currently as “Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation”, is capable of protecting the natural minerals found in the tooth, subsequently reducing dental caries which are commonly associated with tooth decay.

The company that will be launching soon is known as Reminova and will base their research in Perth, Scotland. The problem at the moment is that we don’t have any physical evidence of the effects of this new form of treatment, with nothing published in medical journals as yet due to confidentiality and no devices currently in existence that can carry out the procedure. Despite the lack of evidence, the company has been confidently invested in and we are likely to see developments over the next year or so with many a dental healthcare practice expected to look into the new options to be able to offer clients the latest technological developments.

Prof Nigel Pitts, who is both an inventor and investor of the company, told the BBC that the whole project was still in the pipeline. “This is early stage, you don’t start with the finished product – but we’re excited because we think it’s groundbreaking”. Pitts went on to explain the importance of setting up a company that could “convert (the treatment) from a demonstration technology into a variable commercial product that we can put into the hands of dentists around the world”.

Prof Pitts also explained that the treatment probably wouldn’t be able to completely “re-grow a tooth” or deal with cavities that were at such an advanced stage. It seems we should all do our best to look after our teeth over the next few years, as this latest breakthrough in dentistry could take oral health to the next level by the end of the decade.