Fashionable Babies

lvWhen we say fashion, we automatically think of girl on Vogue, Elle and/or Marie Claire. Little did everyone know that fashion sense came early for some, well maybe more. Babies nowadays are very fashion forward. Have you seen babies in Levis’ jeans and cute Italian shoes and preppy cardigans?! Well, I have and I certainly think they have more taste in dressing up than I do.

Onsies have never been so cool and adorable. Today, out are the drab and plain, in are the cool prints and graphic designs. And shopping for this adorable, fashionable and certainly not boring pieces have never been easier. You can now Shop for kids fashion online. The choices are endless. Truly, it is just right for the little ones to wear the most adorable clothes there is. They will never be this tiny and adorable for long. Not that they will not be adorable as big kids… but now is the right time to play dress up with them. They are not so defiant at toddler age. As they grow bigger, they will surely insist on what clothes to wear. Haha!

As a mother of 2 adorable toddlers, shopping in store with toddlers in tow is a challenge. So thank God for online shopping. It has save me from unnecessary tantrums and and antsy toddler moments in public.


Matilda Jane: It’s a Wonderful Parade (Review)

Long before this review, I already am an avid fan of Matilda Jane and to what it stands for. My daughter is a proud owner of a couple of outfits. I often voice out to a few close relatives that if they want to give anything to my girl as a gift, to go grab it from Matilda Jane.


Matilda Jane Clothing‘s designs are youthful. Playful. And expressive. Our whimsical approach to texture, pattern and color results in designs that capture the spirit and imagination of childhood. Remember when your grandpa let you pick your own flavor of ice cream for the first time? That’s what being a Matilda Jane girl is all about. Lucky for you, gals of all ages and sizes can join the fun! Matilda Jane Clothing is available in girls, tweens and adults. Flavors for all!

When I had a chance to review a Matilda Jane Clothing, I am truly and wonderfully ecstatic. It is a product I love a and truly believed in. And my daughter just looks super adorable in it.



My daughter’s attire that we got from the new It’s a Wonderful Parade Collection:

  1. Cloudy Puffer Tea
  2. Love Bug Knot Top
  3. Sweetheart Ruffled Leggings

Just like the Matilda Jane items we got before, these are made well. Every fabric is of great quality and you will just truly fall in love with them. I cannot express or put into words the delight I saw in my daughters face when she saw her new Matilda Jame outfit. I also love that I can make her wear these items into different ways and even mix and match them with the other few Matilda Jane pieces that we already have. 🙂

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Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Matilda Jane Clothing. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

Adorable Rolling Luggage by Okiedog (Review)

I have a son who takes his toys everywhere with him. May it be just from his bedroom to the living room or a trip at grandma’s. He always have his hands full. Lately, he is into books. He got books quite a number of books but he have a few favorite. He loves the books with Cars, Jungle Book, and Up. He always wanted a bag. He was using his lunchbox for his books for a while until he got his wish answered… He got a new rolling luggage bag from Okiedog.

logo (3)

Okiedog is know for quality made diaper bag. Now joining their awesome products is the new Wild Pack Rolling Luggage.

My son got the Wild Pack Rolling Luggage in Tiger.


okiedog children bags are designed with love. They comply with all safety standards, have high quality and are made from very durable materials. As all our okiedog bags, our children bags are PVC-, Phthalate- AZO- and BPA-free.

They have a great 3D design that my son adore. I love how appropriate the height of the is to my some height. The zipper has this cute handle and unzips and zips with ease.

wildpack-trolley-tiger (1)

The interior mesh pocket is perfect to hold that extra clothes when going for a quick trip at grandma’s.


It is water resistant so no need to worry when the little one gets playful and decide to run over a puddle of water.

Overall: Me and my son especially love our Wild Pack Rolling Luggage. My husband just ordered another your for our little girl in preparation for when she stars going to the pre-school this year and she couldn’t be happier.

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Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Okiedog US. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

Cuteness Overload in Petite Lemon (Review)

I have mentioned before and I will mention it again, I LOVE anything personalized. May it be for me or my kids. Just like the adorable things you’ll find at Petite Lemon.


Petite Lemon Prints (“Petite Lemon”) is a place for fresh, fun personalized kid’s decor, modern stationery, and unique gift ideas.

Petite Lemon’s collection of gorgeous modern photo posters, growth charts and alphabet charts are crafted from premium materials and printed with long lasting, eco-friendly inks. Every order is personalized with your little ones’ name(s) and professional designers perfect every custom design. Each design is well defined and every one is digitally printed with environmentally friendly inks on state of the art presses for unmatched color and quality.

I am very fortunate to have sampled 2 adorable sibling t-shirts from Petite Lemon for my minis.

My son got the Merry Menagerie Big Brother T-Shirt.


While my daughter got the Merry Menagerie Little Sister T-Shirt.

They both looked so adorable in their t-shirts.


I really love the tees. It is very soft and is made from 100% cotton. The print design is even cuter in personal. The color is very vibrant and you can really see that the paint used to print the t-shirt is of great quality.

I cannot wait to get more stuff from Petite Lemon. They have great things that would make great gifts to your little ones this coming Christmas. Actually, they’ll make great gifts for any occasion! Personalized items makes gifts a whole lot more special.

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Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Petite Lemon. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

Be 50s Adorable with Hip Hop 50s Shop (Review)

I have a daughter who loves dressing up. But she just doesn’t have her eye on princesses and fairies costumes but to anything pretty and flowy skirts as well. Just the the adorable poodle skirts at Hip Hop 50s Shop.


Hip Hop 50s Shop have the best 50s costume for Halloween, theme parties or just for dressing up when you feel like going 50s.:) They have evertything you’ll ever need! From poodle skirts to saddle shoes, cat-eye glasses to leather jackets, and the clothes and accessories you need for any costume party.

The 1950’s were a time for rock-and-roll, freedom, and progress. There is no more iconic 50’s costume than the poodle skirt, which was designed specifically to allow the cool cats to groove freely to the music. Bring back the good times with a fifties costume from Hip Hop 50’s Shop.

For my review, Hip Hop 50s Shop sent the 4 pc 50’s Poodle Skirt OUTFIT – Toddler in red for my little girl.

Toddler size fits most toddlers 1-3 years old.

4 Pc. Outfit includes:

  1.  50’s Poodle Skirt – Made of high quality acrylic felt for a more authentic 50’s look. Waist fits 14-20″ – Length is 11″.
    Choose from 5 colors: Lt Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Purple, or Teal
  2. Bobby Socks – White socks with poodle applique`s. Fit toddler shoe size 6-10 1/2. – Choose from black, hot pink, or lt. pink poodles.
  3. Chiffon Scarf – 3″x24″ – choose from black or hot pink
  4. Cateye Glasses – fit most children 0-4 years – Choose from black or hot pink

And here she is in her 50s costume!!!

Doesn’t she just look adorable?! I mean really… no bias involved. I just love those glasses! And that scarf!!! And not to mention that pretty poodle skirt. Everyone we came across the mall where we’ve gone trick or treating couldn’t help but say “awwww…”, really! I am just so proud at how adorable and unique my daughter looked. Princesses and fairies costumes are sooooo overused… No offense meant! It’s time to bring the groovy 50s back!


I know you love this costume.:)

To purchase and see more groovy and adorable stuff at Hip Hop 50s Shop, visit their website at:
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Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Hip Hop 50s Shop. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

Going Bananas Over Shirts That Go (Review)

They say boys are crazy over machines i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc. Well, in my son’s case, he loves police cars and fire trucks. Love isn’t the right word actually. He is obsessed with them. Every time we go to our favorite Supermarket he heeds to get one. He literally have ALL the fire truck or police cars  there is at that store. We have a hundred or more of them in our house. The fire truck and police car obsession doesn’t end with toys but has extended to costumes, sheets, posters and shirts too. Thank goodness for Shirts That Go. They got the best vehicle and transportation inspired t-shirts for kids and toddlers.


Shirts That Go have a great lineup for the kids and toddlers featuring realistic designs of their favorite vehicles shown in motion. Their shirts is a huge hit with the toddler boys that love anything transportation or construction related. We have a great selection of vehicle designs from the airport to the highway to the construction site to the farm and even the railway! If you are looking for boys clothes and toddler boys clothes with a transportation theme Shirts That Go is the place to go. They have recently added some transit type vehicles as well as military vehicles and soon their line of emergency/fire & rescue vehicles will be complete!

All shirts from Shirts That Go can be ordered in long sleeves too which will be perfect for layering this cold season.

Shirts That Go makes a perfect gift for every occasion, especially on birthdays. For birthdays and other occasions, they make a nice note to go along with the shirt. Isn’t that sweet?

For my review, Shirts That Go sent my little fire truck aficionado a Fire Truck T-shirt (of course!). It is in classic red and just adorable.


I let my son open the package when it arrived and the way his eyes lit up when he saw his new Fire Truck T-shirt was priceless.


Now only that Shirts That Go t-shirts have great designs, the quality of the t=shirts too are highly commendable. It is made from 100% cotton. My son is allergic to bamboo fabric and other synthetic materials so this is very important to me.

Here he is with his frizzy-haired-photo-bombing sister.:)

To purchase and see more vehicle and transportation insipred t-shirts by Shirts That Go, visit their website at:
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Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Shirts That Go. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

Throwback Thursday (Halloween 2012)

Last year, my kids went Trick or Treating as a Fire Chief Officer and Little Red Riding. Everyone loved have adorable they looked. I am really picky in getting my kids their costumes.  For one, I want them to choose what they want to be. Last year, my son wanted to be a fireman, hence the costume. On the other hand, my daughter was too young to choose, so Mommy got to choose for her. And I adored how she looked on the costume I got for her.


Later, my kids are gonna go Trick or Treating again, and I cannot wait yo share the pictures.:)

Happy Halloween!!!