The Top Bridal Trends for 2016


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It may not seem like 2015 was that long ago, but the dresses worn, accessories used and decorations picked are now a thing of the past. If you went to a wedding in the last few years, you probably noticed that many of the dresses and accessories that the brides wore had a similar look. Designers now offer dresses that are completely different and some fun accessories that work with those dresses too. Regardless of when you plan on tying the knot, check out some of the top bridal trends for the new year.

Show More Skin

When you think of traditional wedding dresses, you probably think of those elegant ballgowns that reach all the way to the floor and dresses that have sleeves covering your arms. Designers now want you to show off a little more skin on your wedding day. Strapless dresses, especially those with a sweetheart neckline, are particularly hot right now. Other brides prefer off the shoulder dresses that show off their necks and shoulders. You’ll even find shorter dresses that let you make the most out of your sleekly toned legs.

Think Outside the Box

Arabian women often wear mehendi art on their arms during their wedding ceremonies.Even if you have no Arabian heritage, you can still think outside of the box and incorporate your favorite heena mehndi design. Artists use a temporary ink like henna to create elaborate designs that snake down your arms and on other visible parts of your body. Go way outside of the box with a sari or another traditional piece of clothing that you wear during the ceremony or your reception. Craftsvilla offers a wide selection of traditional and authentic dresses and accessories that are perfect for your big day.

Make the Dress an Accessory

Are you tired of wearing heavy jewelry and accessories that weigh you down? An elaborate headpiece, tiara or veil might look great during the ceremony, but it can also poke you in all the wrong places. Instead of wearing a lot of extra accessories, make your dress the main accessory. Some of the hottest dresses now come with elaborate jewelry actually sewn into the material and accents like gemstones and sequins attached to the front and back. These dresses have so much bling that no one will notice you aren’t wearing jewelry. Rock any of these hot bridal trends at your upcoming wedding.



I’ve been out of touch for so long. I know… and you know what? I’m not sorry about it. Once in a while we need to disconnect ourselves from the technology and have an actual “life”. I miss y’all though. (If there’s actually a y’all out there. Hahaha!)


Okay, here’s an update. I passed the TSI test! Yes, I actually did pass. I  beat my unicorn, my mythical foe, my waterloo, my Bermuda triangle, my math part of the exam. Bwahahahaha! It may sound soooo dramatic to some when it was actually just a test. But you know what, it is a big deal to me. It just took me 4 tries before I passed the test. Yes, I took it that many times and I didn’t gave up and it paid off. I’m going to nursing school, baby! Yeah!

After my TSI, I took the HESI 2 test… and wouldn’t you know, I passed! I killed that test and got 96%. Oh yeah!

Lastly, I took my CNA certification exam and I passed. I am licensed, baby! I also just got a job at a nursing home.

There you go, you’re now updated on my latest endeavors. I was busy taking exams left and right. Busy turning my life around. And despite all the studying and blinding headaches, I’m happy with all my achievements. It took awhile but it’s now over. I’m a few steps away to becoming an LVN.

I will really try to still get on this blog and chronicle my hardships and triumphs. It may not be current news as I may share the events on a later date…

Anyway, I will share about my family’s not so eventful yet happy life on the next post.

Au revoir! đź’‹

How Can I Find A Home Renovation Expert Online?

home-remodelingThese days, shoppers can search for almost anything online-including home renovation services. If you’re currently in search of high quality services that will help get your residential property in optimal condition, you should know that searching for a contractor online can help expedite and optimize your selection process. To ensure that your online search is as successful and stress-free as possible, utilize the following strategies:

1. Start With A Specific Keyword Search.

Your first step in attaining absolutely amazing home renovation services is starting with a specific keyword search. By entering a very specific phrase like “Find Home Improvement Contractors In (Your City/State)” you will narrow the search engine results pages to include highly relevant websites. As you start looking for the ideal contractor, be sure to visit This website features a detailed listing of the contractors who are closest to you.

2. Examine The Company’s Website Carefully.

Once the search engine results pages comes up, you’ll see a wide range of websites. You need to start clicking on the links to be redirected to the sites. Once there, you can begin the research process. Pay special attention to web pages that cover things like the company’s years in operation, satisfaction guarantees, prices, estimates and consultations, and customer feedback. Also take the time to call one of the company’s customer service representatives so you can ask any questions that are not answered on the website.

3. Check The Company’s Online Reviews.

Another strategy you should implement during the online search process is checking the company’s online reviews. Online reviews provide you with a broad overview of the experiences that the contractor’s clients have had. If the majority of the online reviews are positive, this is a good indication that the home renovation expert consistently operates in excellence. However, contractors who consistently receive negative feedback likely won’t be able to provide you with the detail-oriented, client-centered care you deserve and desire.

Don’t Delay-Find The Ideal Home Renovation Services Today!

Once you’ve decided to attain home renovation services, you’re on the path to falling head over heels in love with your residential property. To ensure that you can get the top notch renovation assistance you need, take your search online. By implementing the search strategies found above, you’ll likely find that you are able to quickly find and hire a team of precise, professional contractors who will make your home look like a million dollars!

Men’s Rings Are All the Rage

Although traditionally men have not been the target market for decorative rings, that trend is quickly coming to an end. More men are choosing to make a personal statement with jewelry beyond just a basic wedding band. As the stereotypes about rings being too feminine fade, men are feeling freer to experiment with this jewelry trend. Let’s look at some of the ways they are branching out.

Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are the one jewelry item most men wear. But where in the past they might have chosen a plain gold or silver band, ring options have expanded in terms of both designs and materials. Some men choose two-tone rings with patterns while others opt for titanium with a few small diamonds embedded in the top. As long as the look is masculine overall, there is no end to the designs that can look stylish on men’s hands. Top materials these days are:

  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel

Personal Rings

Another popular men’s ring is an affiliation ring, something that indicates a group, club, school or culture the wearer belongs to. These pieces of jewelry might show a Masonic symbol, a family crest or a high school mascot. Men who own rings designating a sports championship or military affiliation often wear them when dressing up for a special occasion. Other rings that fall into this category are:

  • Cultural rings such as rings featuring a Claddagh
  • College or high school class ring
  • Fraternity ring
  • Father’s ring with birthstones of his children

Artistic Rings

As the artisan movement heats up, there are a huge variety of artistic rings available that have a very masculine feel thanks to their rough-hewn look and infinite ability to be customized. This type of jewelry might contain an un-faceted version of the wearer’s birthstone or chunks of gold hammered into a pattern. The themes on artistic rings might range from skull-and-crossbones to a superhero symbol, depending on the preferences of the man wearing them.

Pinkie Rings

No longer the bailiwick of mobster types, the pinkie ring allows men to wear an understated piece of jewelry. Pinkie rings often feature faceted precious gems, commonly paired with small diamonds. Inlays, complementary materials and other fine details sometimes find their way onto these pieces. Again, pinkie rings are all about men getting a chance to show the world a bit about their personality, whether it’s quirky, flashy or subtle.

A letter to Logan on his 6th Birthday


Dearest Little Man,

Happy 6th birthday, Logan!

Time’s passing so swiftly before my very eyes… and here you are, 6 years old big. I’ve been saying year after year to please don’t grow up too fast. This year, I’m giving up on that wishful thinking. It simply can’t be helped. 😁

Son, mommy and daddy wishes you everything good and wonderful to come your way. We are so proud of you. Every single thing that you do, know, that no matter how tired we may seem, it is never taken for granted. We value each and every single one of them.

Lately, you come home from school and say “I have a star, again mommy” or “teacher made me a model student today!”, like it’s just another normal day. Well, every day is a special day and every thing you accomplish is worth of acknowledgement. We are mighty proud of you. You are smart and very independent. Mommy and daddy don’t hover over you when it comes to school stuff because we know you are doing great, doing it at your own pace.

Logan, you are my little Star Wars expert. I’ve been on earth 5x longer than you are, but you know Star Wars better than I do. It is crazy how much that brain of yours knows. Your brain works faster than your mouth. When you talk, you have so much to say that your mouth can’t keep up. Haha! I see daddy in you so much and I love that.

Just keep on at it, baby love. Mommy, daddy and Izzy are here cheering you on.
We love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Your number one fan,

A Do Over

How long has it been? It feels like forever since I wrote something in this blog regarding me, my family, or my life. Well, here’s an update…

Last summer I went to college and took 2 classes, I took my TSI and passed, and now I’m making my way to get in the nursing program.

My daughter started pre-K last August and my son is in Kindergarten. 

Husband and I are finally alone for a good 8 hours every weekday on his days off. It feels good to have some alone time together just hanging out and whatnot.

Hopefully, over the next few months I will be blogging more and more. By the time regular nursing school classes starts? Hmmm… this site will be gone, maybe. Or… I will start the a new photo series which I could update everyday.

Do Early Holiday Sales Benefit the Consumer?

christmasshoppingIt seems like every holiday season the sales come early. No sooner are the items from one holiday away before you find the aisles stocked for the next; some shops start doing these before the previous holiday has even passed. This is a practice that’s known in the retail industry as ‘creeping.” This applies mainly to Christmas shopping, but markets have begun to use this to capitalize on every ‘holiday’ from Valentine’s Day to Cinco de Mayo.

Customers complain about the practice, but still turn out in droves for the sales. In tighter markets, with more savvy customers looking for the deal, this is necessary for a lot of retailers to remain competitive. We all know that this helps the company’s bottom line by getting more shoppers in sooner for holiday deals, but does this practice help you, the customer?

Capitalizing on Creep – for Consumers

The obvious advantage to you as a shopper is that you can spend less throughout the year and avoid the jam a week before the holiday. This will help ensnare that you can get hot items that may sell out earlier, and allows you to save some stress at the holidays. However, there are hidden advantages to creep that may not have occurred to you.

1. Early holiday sales or extended the holiday season forces other retailers to do the same in order to remain viable. This leads to more choice for you at greater savings of time and money.

2. This practice allows consumers to pay cash for bigger items they may not be able to afford without using credit. Layaway is a great example of this benefit. Christmas sales in July or August allow you to reserve an item early at a sale price, pay cash for it in increments and have it on time for the holidays without accruing interest.

3. You’ll spend more overall on holiday shopping, but you’ll spend less each time and save stress by making smaller purchases over a longer period of time. Your gift recipients will be happy, and you’ll feel more magnanimous.

Websites like 234.aspx help shoppers by offer great prices throughout the year on items for every season, with deeper discounts close to the holiday. This means that you can get a great price on Christmas in July, and arrange to have the option of home delivery or shipping directly to the intended recipient.