A letter to Logan on his 6th Birthday


Dearest Little Man,

Happy 6th birthday, Logan!

Time’s passing so swiftly before my very eyes… and here you are, 6 years old big. I’ve been saying year after year to please don’t grow up too fast. This year, I’m giving up on that wishful thinking. It simply can’t be helped. 😁

Son, mommy and daddy wishes you everything good and wonderful to come your way. We are so proud of you. Every single thing that you do, know, that no matter how tired we may seem, it is never taken for granted. We value each and every single one of them.

Lately, you come home from school and say “I have a star, again mommy” or “teacher made me a model student today!”, like it’s just another normal day. Well, every day is a special day and every thing you accomplish is worth of acknowledgement. We are mighty proud of you. You are smart and very independent. Mommy and daddy don’t hover over you when it comes to school stuff because we know you are doing great, doing it at your own pace.

Logan, you are my little Star Wars expert. I’ve been on earth 5x longer than you are, but you know Star Wars better than I do. It is crazy how much that brain of yours knows. Your brain works faster than your mouth. When you talk, you have so much to say that your mouth can’t keep up. Haha! I see daddy in you so much and I love that.

Just keep on at it, baby love. Mommy, daddy and Izzy are here cheering you on.
We love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Your number one fan,


Motherhood and College

One month and two days, that is how long I have embraced the role as a student. Another title added to my long list of talents and roles. Life as a student/mom/wife has been challenging. Juggling up housework, motherly duties and school homework has not been a walk in the park. My foresight has failed me. I thought it would be a piece of cake. Nonetheless, I love everything about being a student. A long time ago, I was a careless and non-driven student. My grades and my schooling did not mean much too me. Right now, I have all the inspiration and motivation in the world.


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Happy 4th Birthday, Izzy!

DSC_0061My Dearest Izzy,

As I look at you sleeping so soundly by my side next to you big brother, my heart swells with joy. I never thought I could love this much. So much that no word could best describe it.

You turn 4 years old today. And do you know what that means? You’ll start school this August! Yay! No more crying when Logan goes to school and you are left behind. Now, you’ll get to be with him! In school! I am so proud of you, every little and big things that you do. You are such an explorer, an interrogator, a discoverer. You think mommy has all the answers in the world. But mommy, though she’s magical and all doesn’t know the answers of some whys and why not. I hope that when you start school, you’ll get all the answers you want, discover more to do and make more lovely drawings for mommy.

I really don’t want to say this year after year, but I just can’t believe that you’re this big already. I know you’ll only get bigger, and I really, really wish I can slow it down. Though it seems that sometimes mommy needs some space, I really want more cuddles and kisses. I could never have enough of them, also your enthusiastic giggles, contagious laughs, and slobbery kisses.

My little 4 year old, I wish to make this year a great one for you. I will do my very best. Ahead of us are big changes. I know you’ll do well. I hope I will do too. I will really miss having you next to me all day. But you know what? Mommy will be strong for you… separation anxiety will be hard, but I will be okay.

I love you my little lady. Your brother and daddy love you too. And we wish you a very Happy Birthday!

You are 4! Go get ‘em, Izzy!

Love, hugs, kisses, and pink little things,


What Was Your Favorite Childhood Toy?

It was the mid-nineties when the craze hit its pinnacle moment: Tickle Me Elmo was the most sought after item of the holiday season and parents were scrapping in the aisles to grab the few that even made it from the stock room to the shelves. No one wanted their child to be disappointed come Christmas morning. This resulted in hours spent tracking down Elmos while they were still en route to the stores and fights and stampedes breaking out over the giggling little mop of red fur. The toys that were selling just shy of 30 dollars were being resold at prices well over a thousand, with over a million being sold by December’s end. The beloved “Sesame Street” inspired Muppet had an infectious giggle that drew the attention of children and adults alike, bringing a smile to any that “tickled” him while simultaneously bringing anxiety and grief to those forced to the leave empty handed. While the excitement of Elmo-mania eventually tapered off, he continued to be a constant in many playrooms across the nation and a perfect go-to gift for little ones. At his 10 year anniversary, Tickle Me Elmo was released in a new version that boasted additional skills such as rolling over and banging his fist on the floor in a fit of laughter. For more information on this and other iconic toys of the past, take a look at the following infographic.

Most Iconic Toys Infographic

Presented by Toy Zoo

A Step Forward


I haven’t written anything about me and my family lately. I’ve had a crazy start of the year. The craziness started when hubby graduated last December from the LVN program. Soon after he took the licensure exam. Then, started working right away when he passed the exam and got his license. He got an erratic schedule and I can’t seem to get a break from taking care of the kids and job hunting. Blogging took the back seat and I’m afraid it’ll stay that way for a little while.

On Monday, I will start my CNA training. May this be the solution on getting a better paying job. The job hunting I had was a bust. I had quite a few interview invites. I went to some but turn down the job when it was offered because of the pay. I just can’t afford childcare on a $7.25 an hour job. Izzy would have to be in a daycare for a little while until she starts going to school in August while I’m working. And it’s not cheap. It would be useless if I work and all my pat would be enough if not less to pay the day care.

Anyway, I’m really excited about this new chapter of my life. I am hoping for the best and would love to gain as much experience as I could in the healthcare department. Hopefully someday, when husband gets his RN I will he able to get in the LVN program too.

I’m really sorry for the slow update on this site. I am hoping though for your prayers and we’ll wishes in this new endeavour I am taking.

God bless you all!

Nursery Essentials Every Mom Should Have

photo source: popsugar.com

photo source: popsugar.com

Getting ready for your sweet little one to arrive? If you’ve already had a baby shower, you’ve probably collected a lot of the essentials already. Now that it’s time to setup the nursery, though, you may be wondering if you need to do some shopping of your own – from modern nursery furniture to amenities that’ll make your days easier, here are the essentials that every new mom should invest in.

Fan: Putting a fan in the nursery isn’t to keep things cool in the summertime, it’s for white noise. The fan’s whir will help lull your baby to sleep and it’ll also block out any noises in the rest of the house during nap time and at night.

Journal and Pen: Sure, you can jot down your thoughts about motherhood, but the journal is really for your sanity. In the beginning, write down when your baby eats, naps, and when you change their diaper. Keeping a log will help you notice if things go off schedule, which will be a huge help if you have to make a trip to the doctor. The journal is also the perfect place to write down baby milestones.

Mom Zone: You’ll have a lot of bonding time with your baby and you’ll want a comfy place to feed them, rock them, and just enjoy your time together. Put a rocking chair in the nursery and keep a basket within arm’s reach that’s stocked with reading materials, an MP3 player and headphones, and healthy snacks.

Night Light: Don’t worry, your little one isn’t going to be afraid of the dark right from the start. Having a night light in the nursery is for you, not them – late at night, you won’t want to switch on the bright lights when you pop in to check on the baby or rock them back to sleep.

Open Baskets: Organize everything in soft baskets, but keep the tops off for easy access. As a new mom, you’ll have to do a lot of things with one hand.

Setting up your nursery is about more than picking a color motif and making everything look cuddly and adorable. It’s also about functionality and making your life easier. Don’t overdo it when it comes to decorating and make sure you have all the necessities on hand before the baby arrives.

Creating Creative Kids

I am amazed by how my kids absorb everything in their brain. They learn new things so fast and improve at it on their own. I feel like their brains are sponges, continuously absorbing every knowledge they could. As a person, I am not artistic by nature. I cannot draw or paint but I do crochet. I love creating things, with my crochet hooks or with my kitchen.  My kids on the other hand loves to paint and draw. I try to provide them everything they need. May it be markers, pencil, paint, crayons or watercolor. Each of my kids have their personal favorite.

A conducive learning environment is something I am trying to provide for my kids. Living in a 3 bedroom house, space is something that we don’t have. The living and dining area is typically where the artistic juices are spilled. We have 1 empty bedroom which could really be used as an art/study room but for some reason my kids love being in the dining and living area more. Our carpet is stained with paint, dried up play dough, ink from markers and God knows what else. We don’t have a spotless, showroom perfect home but I do have kids who are talented and happy beyond compare.
empowering imagination infographic