A letter to Logan on his 6th Birthday


Dearest Little Man,

Happy 6th birthday, Logan!

Time’s passing so swiftly before my very eyes… and here you are, 6 years old big. I’ve been saying year after year to please don’t grow up too fast. This year, I’m giving up on that wishful thinking. It simply can’t be helped. 😁

Son, mommy and daddy wishes you everything good and wonderful to come your way. We are so proud of you. Every single thing that you do, know, that no matter how tired we may seem, it is never taken for granted. We value each and every single one of them.

Lately, you come home from school and say “I have a star, again mommy” or “teacher made me a model student today!”, like it’s just another normal day. Well, every day is a special day and every thing you accomplish is worth of acknowledgement. We are mighty proud of you. You are smart and very independent. Mommy and daddy don’t hover over you when it comes to school stuff because we know you are doing great, doing it at your own pace.

Logan, you are my little Star Wars expert. I’ve been on earth 5x longer than you are, but you know Star Wars better than I do. It is crazy how much that brain of yours knows. Your brain works faster than your mouth. When you talk, you have so much to say that your mouth can’t keep up. Haha! I see daddy in you so much and I love that.

Just keep on at it, baby love. Mommy, daddy and Izzy are here cheering you on.
We love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Your number one fan,


A Letter to my Daughter on Her 3rd Birthday

mj1My Baby Love -Isabelle,

Hi  baby girl! You are officially 3 years old today. Like I’ve said in every birthday you and your brother had, “Had it been that long already?!”. Three beautiful, challenging, dramatic, chaotic (in a good way), and magical years. Three years since you’ve changed our lives for the better. Three years since I’ve said that our family is finally complete.
izzy 5

You as a two year old has been challenging… Well, that’s an understatement. You are someone with so much character. You certainly have shown me a lot of yourself, myself, parenting, patience, life and love. You and your brother are a handful to say the least.

You do everything with an exclamation point! Your life is an exclamation point. When you mean to do something you give it your all. Keep that up my love. Your enthusiasm in life should be the way everyone should live the life we are given. And with that, I am so proud of you.

And just like your big brother, you are a smarty pants. You learn things by your self. Sometimes, you make me feel like I’m not needed anymore. You amaze me with everything you do at such a young age. You are incredibly talented. You love to make up songs, play as a television host with that toy microphone of yours and of course dance. Mommy and Daddy can’t dance to save their life, we are really not sure where you got that talent cause baby girl, you got the moves.

Your big beautiful smile is magnetic. You just draw everyone to you. You are very friendly, often shy. But you never fail to wave and say hi to everyone. You are extremely polite. You make mommy so proud. You never forget to say thank you and please.

izzy 4
Everyday is an adventure and an opportunity for you to do something fun and sometimes crazy. You love to jump and slide and swing. You are never afraid of anything, well, except bugs. I often say you are feisty, which you are. You never back down and that makes me feel proud. I know that at some point your life you need to stand up to anyone when you know you are right and as early as now, I know you will.

As someone as tiny as you are you are very protective. You will stand against mommy and daddy to protect your brother from being punished when he does something wrong. I know you love your brother dearly and feel like no one can touch him except you.

Your little words are little but goes deep. When you say “I love you, Mommy” I know you mean it. It is something you don’t say a lot. So when you do, I know you really mean you love me as much as I do to you.

M baby girl, soon you will be a baby no more… As much as I want to keep you this small forever, I know I can’t. I just want you to know that in this 3rd year of your life you already are such a big person, bigger than some people I know who have been living life longer than you. I only wish that you will not lose this spirit. And that you will continue to be the beautiful person that you are now forever.  Me, Daddy and Logan will help and guide you to be just that. We love and cherish you very much.
izzy 1

Happy Birthday my dear Isabelle Lauren! You turn 3 years old today. Go get ’em!

Love, kisses, sprinkles and sparkles,


Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary, My Love!


Dearest Husband,

Today marks the 5th year of our togetherness. This past year has been hard on us but we somehow managed to overcome it. An overall triumph at the end of the day. The 5 years that we shared together was an adventure, probably more than anyone else could have had in their lifetime. I cherish every moment I spent with you and couldn’t wait to make more.

Baby, I have to say that though you say you are perfect, you are not. But you are perfect for me and perfectly mine. I love every single inch of you. You make me laugh, you make me cry (sometimes) and you make me feel great. At the same time, I know you have tolerated my own imperfections. I am one tough cookie to handle but you handled me greatly. We are truly perfect for each other.

This anniversary is the best one yet. It is a milestone. Our 5th year! Isn’t that amazing? I always joked around and say “how did I get to stand you for 5 years?”. Well baby, it’s because I love you so much and I can’t imagine living without you by my side.

This year, I am grateful for God’s grace for seeing us through another year. I am grateful to you, my dear husband, for humbling yourself and the amazing changes in our lives. I am grateful for your tremendous effort. I am grateful for your undying love, support and great understanding towards me. I am grateful for your big heart towards helping others, even though we hardly have enough you still manage to extend help to someone in need. I am grateful to God for giving you to me and the kids. God couldn’t have given me a better husband and a father to my children.

I love you so much, babe. Happy Anniversary!

The Wife

A Letter To Husband on his 28th Birthday


Hello My Love!

I know you don’t make a big deal about birthdays like I do. I just love celebrating birthdays. It’s a thanksgiving and a celebration of spending another year with you. You are such a wonderful person, an awesome daddy and a great husband. You are so worth celebrating for. Your life means so much to me and our minis. Without you my life will never be complete.

I tell you “I Love you” every single day but I still think I don’t say it enough. I know I may sound cheesy by telling you “I love you” at random moments throughout the day but it is something I will never get tired of. There are so many things about you that I love. I may be annoyed with your crazy teases but I love them still. It’s what makes you YOU and I love every single bit about you, the good and the bad.

Before we became 4, there was just us. Thank you for getting my number from Alfredo. Thank you for taking me to that not-so-great Valentine’s Day party in Kuwait. Thank you for asking me to marry you. Thank you for knocking me up not just once but twice in a span of less than 2 years. Thank you for giving me cute babies. Thank you for the sacrifice of going to school and working at the same time. Thank you for working so hard to make a better future for us.

Thank you for keeping your cool when I panic. Thank you for your rational thought when I’m being crazy. Thank you for spending your 28th circle around the sun with me and our babies. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for choosing me every day, through the good and the bad. Thank you for being true to who you are and continuing to expand your horizons even internally. With each day, with each year, you are more golden than the sun you circle. Happy Birthday James, I love you more than I can ever explain.

I love you forever,


A Letter for Logan on his 4th Birthday


My dearest Logan,

Today is a very special day. 4 years ago to this very exact day a beautiful baby boy was born. His name is Logan. Yes, that’s you son. You made me a mommy that day. And me becoming a mommy was the best thing that ever happened in my life. Also I want you to know that this year has been a wonderful year watching you my 3 year old, now 4 year old grow.

You have grown so much physically. You are taller, faster, stronger than before. You love running around the sprinklers, playing in the tub, and making volcanoes in the sandbox. You love riding your scooter too. And you never stop trying until you master a skill. I am so full of pride as I watch you do these things.

You have grown smarter too. You love to draw and color. You love playing with your iPad and have mastered each an every games on your own. You’ve learned to count without anyone teaching you. You mixed up the numbers sometimes but it’s okay. You are quick to learn when mommy or daddy teach you the right way  anyway. You know every color and your favorite is red. It is the color of the fire truck which you love so much for a long time now. It is safe to say that you might want to be a fireman someday. You often ask really good questions and show a great curiosity about the world around you.:)

You have also grown as a big brother – learning to share with your sister, protect her and teach her right from wrong. You still have much to learn about this, but I am thankful that God chose you to be the oldest in our family. I see your care for other small children and I am happy to know that Izzy have a big brother who will love him and look out for him.

I am now mommy to a 4-year-old! I’m sad… sad to say good-bye to my 3-year old, but also excited to see what year 4 will hold for both of us. Whatever it may be, me and your daddy will always be mighty proud of you. We are here to guide, love and support you.

Happy Birthday, son! I love you so much!