A letter to Logan on his 6th Birthday


Dearest Little Man,

Happy 6th birthday, Logan!

Time’s passing so swiftly before my very eyes… and here you are, 6 years old big. I’ve been saying year after year to please don’t grow up too fast. This year, I’m giving up on that wishful thinking. It simply can’t be helped. 😁

Son, mommy and daddy wishes you everything good and wonderful to come your way. We are so proud of you. Every single thing that you do, know, that no matter how tired we may seem, it is never taken for granted. We value each and every single one of them.

Lately, you come home from school and say “I have a star, again mommy” or “teacher made me a model student today!”, like it’s just another normal day. Well, every day is a special day and every thing you accomplish is worth of acknowledgement. We are mighty proud of you. You are smart and very independent. Mommy and daddy don’t hover over you when it comes to school stuff because we know you are doing great, doing it at your own pace.

Logan, you are my little Star Wars expert. I’ve been on earth 5x longer than you are, but you know Star Wars better than I do. It is crazy how much that brain of yours knows. Your brain works faster than your mouth. When you talk, you have so much to say that your mouth can’t keep up. Haha! I see daddy in you so much and I love that.

Just keep on at it, baby love. Mommy, daddy and Izzy are here cheering you on.
We love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Your number one fan,


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