The Top Bridal Trends for 2016


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It may not seem like 2015 was that long ago, but the dresses worn, accessories used and decorations picked are now a thing of the past. If you went to a wedding in the last few years, you probably noticed that many of the dresses and accessories that the brides wore had a similar look. Designers now offer dresses that are completely different and some fun accessories that work with those dresses too. Regardless of when you plan on tying the knot, check out some of the top bridal trends for the new year.

Show More Skin

When you think of traditional wedding dresses, you probably think of those elegant ballgowns that reach all the way to the floor and dresses that have sleeves covering your arms. Designers now want you to show off a little more skin on your wedding day. Strapless dresses, especially those with a sweetheart neckline, are particularly hot right now. Other brides prefer off the shoulder dresses that show off their necks and shoulders. You’ll even find shorter dresses that let you make the most out of your sleekly toned legs.

Think Outside the Box

Arabian women often wear mehendi art on their arms during their wedding ceremonies.Even if you have no Arabian heritage, you can still think outside of the box and incorporate your favorite heena mehndi design. Artists use a temporary ink like henna to create elaborate designs that snake down your arms and on other visible parts of your body. Go way outside of the box with a sari or another traditional piece of clothing that you wear during the ceremony or your reception. Craftsvilla offers a wide selection of traditional and authentic dresses and accessories that are perfect for your big day.

Make the Dress an Accessory

Are you tired of wearing heavy jewelry and accessories that weigh you down? An elaborate headpiece, tiara or veil might look great during the ceremony, but it can also poke you in all the wrong places. Instead of wearing a lot of extra accessories, make your dress the main accessory. Some of the hottest dresses now come with elaborate jewelry actually sewn into the material and accents like gemstones and sequins attached to the front and back. These dresses have so much bling that no one will notice you aren’t wearing jewelry. Rock any of these hot bridal trends at your upcoming wedding.


Gorgeous Bridesmaids

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photo not mine

Wedding is probably the time where everything should be perfect. It is the time to celebrate love and the union of two souls. Weddings are happy, vibrant, happy and downright beautiful. Though the main focus is on the bride and all eyes are on her, it is just right that her court will also exude beauty… just enough not to upstage her. After all, it is the bride’s day.

Aside from bringing beauty to the wedding, bridesmaids also have a great role to fill during the wedding. So their dresses should be something they can wear comfortably and not hinder them to do their roles effectively. These roles are mainly to help make the bride feel as comfortable as possible. Weddings are emotional, stressful and all.

While the wedding gown screams grand and all, a bridesmaid’s dress is the epitome of simplicity, beauty and elegance. It should compliment the wedding gown and the motif of the entire wedding. With a sea of colors and designs out there, the choices are endless. After Six Bridesmaid Dresses is a place for that. With all it’s sophisticated designs, you will surely find one that  fits your wedding just right. A piece that will complete the puzzle of a perfect wedding.

Unusual Wedding Venues

As time goes by, people are becoming more adventurous. Everyone wants to veer away from the traditional and the common. May it be food, outfit, vacation destination and even with their wedding. Themed weddings/parties are s in right now. In Vegas, you can find wacky wedding themes which yields from E.T. themes to Alice in Wonderland. But you know what, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So let’s leave that there.

Wedding photography is an essential if not one of the top “must have” in weddings. You really want to make sure that every single moment of this once in a lifetime event is captured and documented.  north carolina wedding photographers are one of professionals to seek out for.

Weddings nowadays aren’t confined in house of worships anymore. Weddings can be anywhere your heart desires. Here are some unusual wedding venues to date (IMO):

  1. Underwater
  2. Hot Air Balloon
  3. Cave
  4. On a Glacier
  5. On a Roller Coaster


Wedding Dress at

A woman’s wedding is one of the most magical, memorable and dreamed of time in her life. Some may have planned, dreamed and thought about it for years. I know a girl that have a dream wedding book which she have made since she was in high school. She have had edited her wedding book many times according to the latest trend. The main focus of her book was the motif, the decor, her bridesmaid’s gowns and of course the star of the book, the wedding dress.

In a wedding the focus of everyone should be at the bride. This is her day, and no other should steal the attention from her. That’s why every bride dreamed of that perfect wedding dress. Some may stick the the traditional ball gown, long white dresses. Others are more adventurous in their color choices. In my opinion, it is up to the bride whatever color they may wear. It is afterall her big day.

Here are some of the most gorgeous dresses I have found at

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Weddings can be stressful, especially on the bride.. in the pursuit of perfection on that very special. But weddings can also be made fun. Online stores that sells everything you need to wear on that beautiful day are available. Isn’t it awesome to know that the perfect dress of your dreams is only a click of a mouse away?! Not only it is convenient but also very affordable. I know every one can say they are willing to splurge on their big day. But why?! When the dress that’s worth thousands of dollars is as beautiful as the one that is a fraction of a price?  Wouldn’t it be more practical if you’ll just get to save the money you are willing to spend on something else? Maybe like on your honeymoon?


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