Do Early Holiday Sales Benefit the Consumer?

christmasshoppingIt seems like every holiday season the sales come early. No sooner are the items from one holiday away before you find the aisles stocked for the next; some shops start doing these before the previous holiday has even passed. This is a practice that’s known in the retail industry as ‘creeping.” This applies mainly to Christmas shopping, but markets have begun to use this to capitalize on every ‘holiday’ from Valentine’s Day to Cinco de Mayo.

Customers complain about the practice, but still turn out in droves for the sales. In tighter markets, with more savvy customers looking for the deal, this is necessary for a lot of retailers to remain competitive. We all know that this helps the company’s bottom line by getting more shoppers in sooner for holiday deals, but does this practice help you, the customer?

Capitalizing on Creep – for Consumers

The obvious advantage to you as a shopper is that you can spend less throughout the year and avoid the jam a week before the holiday. This will help ensnare that you can get hot items that may sell out earlier, and allows you to save some stress at the holidays. However, there are hidden advantages to creep that may not have occurred to you.

1. Early holiday sales or extended the holiday season forces other retailers to do the same in order to remain viable. This leads to more choice for you at greater savings of time and money.

2. This practice allows consumers to pay cash for bigger items they may not be able to afford without using credit. Layaway is a great example of this benefit. Christmas sales in July or August allow you to reserve an item early at a sale price, pay cash for it in increments and have it on time for the holidays without accruing interest.

3. You’ll spend more overall on holiday shopping, but you’ll spend less each time and save stress by making smaller purchases over a longer period of time. Your gift recipients will be happy, and you’ll feel more magnanimous.

Websites like 234.aspx help shoppers by offer great prices throughout the year on items for every season, with deeper discounts close to the holiday. This means that you can get a great price on Christmas in July, and arrange to have the option of home delivery or shipping directly to the intended recipient.


Having Fun with Hasbro Simon (Review)

I mentioned on my previous post that my kids and I are attending the Walmart Toyland Event. We did last Saturday (Dec. 6th) and it was super fun. Well honestly, the kids had so much fun and I was busy chasing them around. Two toddlers out in the toy section, well, you can picture how would that be. I’ve always avoided going out by myself tagging along to super energetic toddlers but the Walmart Holiday Toyland was something we couldn’t pass up. I promised my kids and I am not one who doesn’t keep her promise.

Amidst the chaos and fun, I didn’t got the chance to take a decent photo. They were so distracted with every shiny, blinking, noise making thingies that one would run one way and one the other. I couldn’t keep them still. As paranoid as I am, I am more worried about not losing one of them than taking my pictures. Anyway, the event was a successful one. The Walmart employees are so great at showing toys and it’s awesomeness. Which is great! I am bad at explaining toy specs to my kids. We bought Hasbro Simon amongst many others.

hasbro simon swipe


About this item:

  • Challenge your memory with the Simon Swipe Game. Slap the lights to conquer the colors and beat your opponent. To play this Hasbro Simon game, just tap the color when you see one light and swipe when there are two. You need to reverse when the lights move clockwise and then go back. It will start out easy, and when you think you have the hang of things, it will build through 16 blazing fast levels. There are four different modes to choose from when you play this Simon color game, including the classic one that we all grew up with. Each one will exercise your mind in distinctive ways. It comes with the device and a guide to get you started. Since it’s designed for one or more players, you can practice by yourself or challenge a friend to a duel. Try out the different variations and get your memory and reflexes in tip-top shape. Then get others involved for a lightning-quick round. If you want to beat the Simon Swipe game, you will have to be at the peak of your skills.

Simon Swipe Game:

  • Designed for 1 or more players
  • 4 awesome games including classic Simon
  • Hasbro Simon game has 16 levels
  • Swipe solo or make it a party
  • Includes game unit and game guide
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (demo batteries included)

My kids are great with just about every game. They can master a game in one sitting. Me, on the other hand is lacking the skill. I can read for days but playing computer games or any electronic game is not for me. Challenge me in a game of scrabble and you’ll gain me as a friend. Haha! I am old school. But board games aren’t old school, right?! It is still “in” somewhere. Right?!


I love that this toy can make my kids learn the value of sharing. They can play it together and I wouldn’t hear “Mommy, ____ took my toy!” And the attention this game demands is amazing. My kids learned how to remember color patterns on the game like a boss. I tried playing it and they were like, “No, wrong mom!” Ha! My kids are smarter than me. Good for them.



Hasbro Simon Swipe has definitely made it to the top of our family game night event. This will make a great gift to anyone on Christmas and a must have for every family who practices family game night. 🙂


Gift Ideas for Babies

The Holidays are coming and so does the craze in buying gifts for everyone!!! May it be for the young, the old and of course the baby. Babies are the easiest to give gifts to. They don’t complain much… well, maybe the parents will (just kidding). But that doesn’t mean you can buy just about anything without thinking.

If thinking isn’t your strongest point… like me… sometimes. Here are some quick ideas you can give to a baby or for the parents who like baby stuff for their babies (what else?!).

  • Diapers
    -I guarantee you, every parent would appreciate it. May it be cloth or disposable diapers, it will surely be put to good use. Just a hint though, make sure to ask what size the baby is wearing before you go shopping. If you are not sure, keep the receipt so you can exchange it just in case.
  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
    – There is something about this teether that babies love. It is not cheap. It costs around $25 at Toys R Us. Though a tad pricey, it seems to be worth it. Babies especially the teething ones just LOVES this.
  • Sports Themed Outfits
    -Want to earn great points to parents? Well, get the ones that are of their interest. Are they sports fans? Do they love the Dallas Cowboys? I know, I do. Well check out  Dallas Cowboys baby clothing. They are the most adorable thing! Babies can be great fans too, you know?
  • Ride On Toys
    -Mad wheels?! Well, yes please. Your not the only one who can roll in style. Any ride on toys will surely make a baby glee as they go wheelie! Check out this little one in a sweet Harley bike. How badass is that?!


    photo not mine

    And is that a mini wheelie he is doing right there? Mad skills, little bro!

Honestly, whatever you give to the little recipient this Christmas, the size or the price doesn’t really matter. It’s the thought and the love that goes with the gift really more. Though anything from the list above are pretty awesome, eh?!

Camo Love from (Review)

There are colors/patterns that I really adore. They are not your usual girly girl color. They are black, camouflage  and robin’s egg blue. Okay, robin’s egg blue may be a little girly… whatevs, moving on. So yeah, camouflage may be a more of a pattern, not a color since there are other variations of camouflage color. Anyway, I love it especially on a camouflage army jacket. I have been wanting one on my size for sooo long. Thank goodness for, the search is over.



At, there are not only clothes, but also fashionable bloggers who would like to share their understanding of fashion and their personalized design. At, there is not only design, but also customers have the chance to be at the front row, learn about the latest fashion news, fashion bloggers, express own ideas, and show their own designs.

For my review, I picked the Camouflage Jacket.

  • Made from pure cutton
  • Funnel neckline
  • Flap front pockets
  • Press stud button and front zip fastening
  • Regular fit
  • About me:
  • 100% cutton


This jacket is super awesome. I know that’s a bit redundant, but there is no other phrase that could best describe it. I love the design. I love that it isn’t too thick nor too heavy. It feels just right. I can wear during spring, fall or maybe summer. I know it gets too hot here in Texas but the material that this camouflage is made from will make it work. It is cotton so my skin will still be able to breath despite of  the sweltering heat. So yeah, I will still rock this during summer.:)


Here I am rocking it on a cold winter day.:)

A camouflage jacket is a closet staple. Everyone should have one. It is very versatile and oh so rock!

To purchase your very on camouflage jacket or to see other awesome pieces from, visit their website at:
You can also follow them on: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.


Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Opinions expressed here are my own.”

January Beauty Box 5 (Review)

Hello, everybody! It’s that time of the month again. The unboxing of our favorite beauty box subscription… the Beauty Box 5! This box came really early this month. I believe it was on the first week. I am really sorry I haven’t gotten to do this review earlier. It’s just that our household have gone a little cray-cray over schedules and stuff due to the sudden changes now that school have started for husband and moi. So there… enough about me and let’s get on with our review, shall we?


What is Beauty Box 5?

  • Beauty Box 5 is a subscription-based, beauty sampling program that delivers a box filled with 5 cosmetic samples to your door every month. Aimed at introducing women to new cosmetic products and educating them on best practices, Beauty Box 5 scours the market to find the best products for your lifestyle.

How to get the box?

  • Subscribing to Beauty Box 5 is really easy. You can choose  from the 3 affordable subscription plans that they have and get one that you think will work best for you. Check subscription plans here.

For my review, I got the Beauty Box 5 box for the month of January.


And this month’s box theme is: Cheers To You (not actually sure if that’s the theme name or just a greeting… LOL).

Anyhooooo…. Taaaaaaadaaaaaah!!!


Here’s what I got:

Nubar –Cuticle & Nail Oil


I have received other Nubar products from my previous BB5 boxes and I really like them. They ahve really great nail polish, especially the glittery ones which are my favorite. I use them as top coats and does really great job in keeping my nail polish intact and last longer. This cuticle and nail oil (as it says on the card included in this box) is suppose to sooth inflamed skin and psoriasis by gently massaging a small amount around the nails. Ok, when I used to get my nails done at a nail salon before it have happened, not once but actually multiple of times that my nails, particularly my toes, got mutilated by the one who did my nails. Neosporin have worked well on those poor puppies and have never swollen up or got infected (thank God!). I haven’t tried this one yet but I love the idea of this product. I just hope it’ll serve it’s purpose.

Swissco –Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves


You can never go wrong with this kind of product, right?! It is just very helpful and for me, an absolute must have. I cannot remember if I had gotten this brand before but it does sound familiar. Anyway, I just love the color that I’ve got. The pink on the picture is a little bit too bright but in person it is a couple of shades lighter. The texture is great, it won’t be to harsh when used on sensitive areas, so that’s great. I assume that I’m the only one who’ll be using this but if ever husband tries to steal this and use it on himself. size wise it’ll work on him. The fabric is stretchy.. making it a one size fits all.

Jergens –Daily Moisturizer


I am an absolute fan of this brand/product. I love all their scents and every formula. My grandma uses it, my mom use it and I use it. Well, it’s not a product I use everyday but I do always have a bottle of this in the bathroom all the time. And this travel size is just perfect for my purse. I could use this as a hand cream or whatnot.

H2O Plus –Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash


This brand is new to me. I haven’t seen this brand at the store where I shop either. I love the packaging, color and the clear formula. Size wise, this is perfect for when we travel. I always have a stash of travel size toiletries and this will be added to it. The scent, I am not really liking it. It reminds of that hotel I have stayed at in Germany. I mean the entire hotel smells like this. That sea breeze scent mixed with disinfectant kind of way?! I don’t know… just not loving this but still will be put to good use.

Epic Blend –Hemp Coconut Lip Balm


Here’s another brand that is new to me. The cannabis leaf print on the packaging really drew me into it. Anyway, hemp is another term for cannabis plant. I have known that cannabis sativa are widely used as a drug. The hemp seeds have great essential fatty acids content, proteins, amino acids, etc. So I think this balm is really great. This is also gluten and petroleum free, non GMO, and not tested on animals. And did I mention that this really smells great. It reminds me of the beach! It also feels really great on the lips. It worked great on my eternally dry, chaffed lips.

There’s our 5 products! But wait, here’s more!!! Bonus Item!!!

That Awkward Moment –Compact Mirror


This is a promotional item for the movie That Awkward Moment, coming to theaters on January 31st. Check out movie trailer at:

This month’s box verdict:

Aside from the H2O Plus product, I must say this is box is great!!! I love that bonus item. I am one of those women who doesn’t have a mirror in the purse… Well, not anymore! Everything is very use-able. My favorite is the lip balm. I just love it. I think it works better than my “go to” balms, the Burt’s Bees and Carmex. This is not the best box among the boxes I have received. On a scale of 1-10, I think this is a good 7.

To subscribe and learn more about Beauty Box 5, visit their website at:
You can also follow them on: FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTube andInstagram


Disclosure: “Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product/s was gifted from Beauty Box 5. Opinions expressed here are my own.”

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