Men’s Rings Are All the Rage

Although traditionally men have not been the target market for decorative rings, that trend is quickly coming to an end. More men are choosing to make a personal statement with jewelry beyond just a basic wedding band. As the stereotypes about rings being too feminine fade, men are feeling freer to experiment with this jewelry trend. Let’s look at some of the ways they are branching out.

Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are the one jewelry item most men wear. But where in the past they might have chosen a plain gold or silver band, ring options have expanded in terms of both designs and materials. Some men choose two-tone rings with patterns while others opt for titanium with a few small diamonds embedded in the top. As long as the look is masculine overall, there is no end to the designs that can look stylish on men’s hands. Top materials these days are:

  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel

Personal Rings

Another popular men’s ring is an affiliation ring, something that indicates a group, club, school or culture the wearer belongs to. These pieces of jewelry might show a Masonic symbol, a family crest or a high school mascot. Men who own rings designating a sports championship or military affiliation often wear them when dressing up for a special occasion. Other rings that fall into this category are:

  • Cultural rings such as rings featuring a Claddagh
  • College or high school class ring
  • Fraternity ring
  • Father’s ring with birthstones of his children

Artistic Rings

As the artisan movement heats up, there are a huge variety of artistic rings available that have a very masculine feel thanks to their rough-hewn look and infinite ability to be customized. This type of jewelry might contain an un-faceted version of the wearer’s birthstone or chunks of gold hammered into a pattern. The themes on artistic rings might range from skull-and-crossbones to a superhero symbol, depending on the preferences of the man wearing them.

Pinkie Rings

No longer the bailiwick of mobster types, the pinkie ring allows men to wear an understated piece of jewelry. Pinkie rings often feature faceted precious gems, commonly paired with small diamonds. Inlays, complementary materials and other fine details sometimes find their way onto these pieces. Again, pinkie rings are all about men getting a chance to show the world a bit about their personality, whether it’s quirky, flashy or subtle.