Men’s Rings Are All the Rage

Although traditionally men have not been the target market for decorative rings, that trend is quickly coming to an end. More men are choosing to make a personal statement with jewelry beyond just a basic wedding band. As the stereotypes about rings being too feminine fade, men are feeling freer to experiment with this jewelry trend. Let’s look at some of the ways they are branching out.

Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are the one jewelry item most men wear. But where in the past they might have chosen a plain gold or silver band, ring options have expanded in terms of both designs and materials. Some men choose two-tone rings with patterns while others opt for titanium with a few small diamonds embedded in the top. As long as the look is masculine overall, there is no end to the designs that can look stylish on men’s hands. Top materials these days are:

  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel

Personal Rings

Another popular men’s ring is an affiliation ring, something that indicates a group, club, school or culture the wearer belongs to. These pieces of jewelry might show a Masonic symbol, a family crest or a high school mascot. Men who own rings designating a sports championship or military affiliation often wear them when dressing up for a special occasion. Other rings that fall into this category are:

  • Cultural rings such as rings featuring a Claddagh
  • College or high school class ring
  • Fraternity ring
  • Father’s ring with birthstones of his children

Artistic Rings

As the artisan movement heats up, there are a huge variety of artistic rings available that have a very masculine feel thanks to their rough-hewn look and infinite ability to be customized. This type of jewelry might contain an un-faceted version of the wearer’s birthstone or chunks of gold hammered into a pattern. The themes on artistic rings might range from skull-and-crossbones to a superhero symbol, depending on the preferences of the man wearing them.

Pinkie Rings

No longer the bailiwick of mobster types, the pinkie ring allows men to wear an understated piece of jewelry. Pinkie rings often feature faceted precious gems, commonly paired with small diamonds. Inlays, complementary materials and other fine details sometimes find their way onto these pieces. Again, pinkie rings are all about men getting a chance to show the world a bit about their personality, whether it’s quirky, flashy or subtle.


Casual Elegance with Jeweshop

When it comes to jewelry, I opt for the classic, the simple and yet elegant. Gold is beautiful but hard pair with the rest of my wardrobe and other accessories so I always lean more to silver or the white gold ones.

Purchasing jewelries nowadays is a whole lot easier. With online jewelry shop online, the choices are endless. BUT, you can’t just dive on buying anywhere. You must know which one to choose. I personally love the Jewe Shop. They have a wide array of necklaces to choose from and I have personally tried and tested a few of their products.

Necklace Cross Pendant Diamond Crystal Titanium Stainless Steel Gold Women


Elegant Necklace Feather Pendant Titanium Stainless Steel Silver Unisex


Aren’t they pretty?!

Both necklace can be purchased at a super affordable price. I have worn the cross necklace for 2 weeks without taking it off and it never tarnished.


Both necklace have a .925 engraved on. I believe this meaning that is is made from silver. I really love both necklaces that I got from Jewe Shop. The designs are unique and one of a kind. Something I have never seen in other jewelry store online. It definitely captures the classic, the simple and the elegant that I have been looking for.

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A Jewelry-Must-Have by LuxLock (Review)

Don’t you just hate it when you lose an earring? Not the pair, just one piece because the earring back didn’t held on much… I know I did. Not just once, maybe a handful of times in my 30 years of living. It really sucks, and the earring that’s left is pretty much useless. Just a reminder of that annoying time when you lost that earring. I have this problem, with stud earrings. Clasps’ locks doesn’t give out too often but I just am not a clasp earring wearer. I love studs more. So, imagine my delight when I discovered LuxLock.


What is LuxLock?

  • The LuxLock is the new standard for quality and security of earring backs. A strong stainless steel mechanism within a stunning and easy-to-handle 14kt gold clutch firmly grips for security by easily slipping onto your earrings and locking into place. The LuxLock is the only luxury earring clutch available today that combines strength, style and effortless simplicity!


  1. Manufactured in the United States.
  2. Gold meets international sourcing standards and is milled in the United States.
  3. Clutch will work interchangeably with screw posts and regular notched posts.


I had the great opportunity to try LuxLock myself.


Mine came with the gorgeous earrings (Thank you LuxLock!). I love that they sent me a LuxLock wih disk because I have quite a big hole piercing in my earlobes. The one without the discs will just go through it. ekkk! Blame the poorly made clasps earrings that I bought (With my first salary ever… that’s why.) and refused to just tuck away. Anyway, I suggest that girls with big ear piercing holes to get the ones with discs.


I wore these earrings for a whole week without taking it off. Not even in bed! And they held beautifully. My daughter playfully grabbed this earring from my ear and it didn’t budge. It just hurt because she grabbed it but it didn’t came off at all.

I am really happy to have a LuxLock now. I am not so worried anymore to wear that gorgeous diamond stud earrings that my husband gave me. Not that it’s too expensive, but because of it’s sentimental value. I would hate to lose it. But guess what?! I’m not gonna lose it anymore while wearing! Thanks to LuxLock.

Get your own LuxLock HERE.
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Simpy Beautiful Jewelry by Cate & Chloe (Review)

When it comes to accessorizing, I am a firm believer of the saying “Less is More”.  I am a minimalist. Though I am not saying that bold fashion statements aren’t great. It’s simply my personal choice. I love simple and not loud jewelry but are gorgeous. Just like the beautiful necklace I got from Cate & Chloe.


Cate & Chloe makes the most stylish jewelry made for everyday wear for women at an incredibly affordable price. They have the most elegant, simple and versatile pieces of jewelry that would be a perfect addition to anyone’s collection. The styles are classic and timeless. It is perfect to add glamour to an everyday look.

For my review, I got the most stunning Candace “Royal One” Necklace.


The Candace is one of the most popular in our “diamond dusted” collection and also one of our favorites. This timeless necklace can easily go from day to night and can be dressed up or dressed down. A must-have in your jewelry collection! Each necklace setting features a flawless 2 carat. Cate & Chloe diamond dusted cz stone to make sure you turn heads everywhere you go.

• Diamond Dusted CZ Stone (2ct t.w.)
• Sterling Silver 925
• 16″ chain with 2″ extender
• Pendant Dimensions: 8 MM x 8 MM x 2.5 MM

It came in a very pretty box.


The necklace is simply gorgeous. It is very dainty and easy to wear with everything.


It is now my go to piece of jewelry. I wear almost everyday. It is very pretty that I get compliments about it from strangers… Kinda weird. (haha!) My husband gave me a stud diamond earrings last Christmas which compliments this Candace necklace perfectly.


As you can see on my picture above, the length of the chain is just right. Not to long nor too short. I am in my casual sweat shirt but with my pretty necklace I feel like a thousand bucks. 🙂

Overall, I love my Candace necklace from Cate & Chloe. They are dainty, simple, and elegant. Certainly a must have in every jewelry collection.

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A Cultural History of Jewellery

For thousands of years jewellery has been a heavy presence worldwide. Made from all sorts of material, from twine to wood and then later on metal and delicate ores, jewellery is one of the most diverse accessories you can find. At first jewellery had a certain significance to it, depending on the culture, whereas nowadays it is seen more as a commodity or a fashion item. So what makes jewellery so special, so versatile as a commodity? Here is a brief history of jewellery, showing its importance in various cultures.


Gold has always been the preferred metal in Egyptian jewellery, because of its rarity. Also, because jewellers of the time had few tools to work with, the softness of gold made it easier to work with and to mould. Different coloured gems set into the gold meant different things in Ancient Egypt. For example, green gems represented life and fertility, whereas dark blue represented protection, and the night.


In India, jewellery was a huge part of tradition. Even the poorest of women were adorned with some form of jewellery, and due to its worth and durability, it was used widely as security in times of recession. Women in India are gifted forms of jewellery in various phases of their life; birth, coming of age and marriage jewellery tokens being only a few examples. Jewellery was often used as a gift in India, and although it is less frequent in modern times, men would often wear as much jewellery as the women.



In the Roman culture, jewellery was used less as a status symbol and more as a means of protecting people from harm and from malicious spirits. Roman men were expected to wear at least one ring on the finger, and some wore more than others to ward off evil. The most common type of jewellery also seen in Roman times was the brooch, used to secure clothing together. So unlike modern jewellery, Roman jewellery had some more ‘practical’ uses.


Native American

In Native America, due to the lack of a written language, jewellery was used as a form of communication, for adornment, traditional ceremonies and trade. The type of jewellery owned by the person signified their status within the tribe. Native American jewellery was made out of a wide variety of materials. Gemstones, beadwork, feathers, teeth and even bones were used to make Native American jewellery.


Pirates and Gypsies

It was thought that both Pirates and Gypsies of medieval times would wear gold earrings and various other types of gold jewellery so that if they died unexpectedly, they would have enough gold on their person to be able to afford a proper burial.

Nowadays with so many forms of bespoke and niche jewellery, it is seen as more of a fashion statement, or even a common occurrence, as opposed to a symbol of wealth or status, as it used to be in various times throughout history. Still, family jewellery passed down through the generations will hold the most value of all, emotional value.


About the Author


Sheila Whithurst loves collecting beautiful jewellery from around the world and has contributed this post on behalf of Kate’s Jewellery, the online store for beautiful handmade silver jewellery that can be uniquely personalised.



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Korbella: Toujours Paris, Dreams Are Real… (Review)


The cold breeze of the night air sends shivers up and down my spine. The sensation of being almost 900 feet in the sky is almost euphoric, looking down upon the fair city as the Greek Pantheon must have from Mount Olympus. My body surges with excitement at realizing I finally made it. Here I am. One of my dreams have finally come true. I am at the Eiffel Tower in the City of Love–Paris.

I have waited for this moment my entire life. This exact moment is absolutely perfect…


Oh God. I was asleep. It was all a dream.

My son starts to shake me and completely destroys my night reveries. “I want sammich mommy!” Is it really morning already? Do I have to wake up? All I needed was another five minutes and it would have been perfect. I guess the Eiffel Tower will have to wait till I can really make it there again. Until then I have my Toujours Paris (Paris Forever) Necklace from Korbella. Unlike anything I ever own, this piece of jewelry contains a piece of the Eiffel Tower, in essence it has a piece of my favorite place embodied in it.


  • Fashion-forward, refined style characterizes this sleek medallion, inscribed “Paris, 1889” to commemorate the origin of your artifact and the year in which the tower first opened to the public. A gracefully flowing latticework pattern encircles your precious and rare artifact, and a bijou cut-out window on the reverse side brings another view of your personal piece of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The Paris Forever / Toujours Paris necklace also features a custom oval bail set with a precious white sapphire. White sapphires have long been valued for their rare beauty and are associated with Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Some believe that wearing this stone enhances attractiveness and charisma, bestowing love, happiness and prosperity to the wearer.
  • The stylish sterling silver cable link chain offers beauty, strength, and versatility via a 4″ extender.
  • When the Eiffel Tower was first constructed, the only way to ascend the tower was a spiral staircase.  At one point in time, this stair case was decommissioned and divided into twenty four segments. One segment remains at the Eiffel Tower, three were donated to French Museums, and the other twenty were auctioned off. In 2011, Korbella painstakingly acquired a segment and maintains absolute control and oversight of this segment. From this segment, Korbella has taken what can only be referred as dreams and fantasies of millions of people and crafted limited production jewelry.


Each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove its origin and is ready to be handed to the receiver of this wonderful gift; carefully arranged in a soft red velvet pouch with drawstring, laid out inside a sturdy silver colored tray resting inside a red gift box, adorn with a beautiful red ribbon and small Eiffel tower memorabilia attached to it.



Korbella pieces makes the gorgeous gifts. Is there a better way to express your love than giving them a piece of the iconic tower from the city of love itself?! I have loved the Eiffel Tower the moment I saw it on prints, I loved it even more the first time I got to see it up close and personal, and i love it best that now I have a piece of it hanging around my neck.

Eiffel Tower for me represents my dream… A dream that came true. I never thought I’d get to go to Paris. Me, an island girl. So yeah, my Korbella necklace isn’t just any necklace, it is a promise. A promise that when you dream, and dream big, it’ll come true.

Give the gift of love and promise that dreams do come true, this Holiday.

To purchase and see more gorgeous Korbella Eiffel Tower Jewelry, visit their website at:
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