Do Early Holiday Sales Benefit the Consumer?

christmasshoppingIt seems like every holiday season the sales come early. No sooner are the items from one holiday away before you find the aisles stocked for the next; some shops start doing these before the previous holiday has even passed. This is a practice that’s known in the retail industry as ‘creeping.” This applies mainly to Christmas shopping, but markets have begun to use this to capitalize on every ‘holiday’ from Valentine’s Day to Cinco de Mayo.

Customers complain about the practice, but still turn out in droves for the sales. In tighter markets, with more savvy customers looking for the deal, this is necessary for a lot of retailers to remain competitive. We all know that this helps the company’s bottom line by getting more shoppers in sooner for holiday deals, but does this practice help you, the customer?

Capitalizing on Creep – for Consumers

The obvious advantage to you as a shopper is that you can spend less throughout the year and avoid the jam a week before the holiday. This will help ensnare that you can get hot items that may sell out earlier, and allows you to save some stress at the holidays. However, there are hidden advantages to creep that may not have occurred to you.

1. Early holiday sales or extended the holiday season forces other retailers to do the same in order to remain viable. This leads to more choice for you at greater savings of time and money.

2. This practice allows consumers to pay cash for bigger items they may not be able to afford without using credit. Layaway is a great example of this benefit. Christmas sales in July or August allow you to reserve an item early at a sale price, pay cash for it in increments and have it on time for the holidays without accruing interest.

3. You’ll spend more overall on holiday shopping, but you’ll spend less each time and save stress by making smaller purchases over a longer period of time. Your gift recipients will be happy, and you’ll feel more magnanimous.

Websites like 234.aspx help shoppers by offer great prices throughout the year on items for every season, with deeper discounts close to the holiday. This means that you can get a great price on Christmas in July, and arrange to have the option of home delivery or shipping directly to the intended recipient.


Decorating Your Home for the Holidays with a Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree and other Favorites

christmas decorChristmas is the most popular season of the year. It’s a time for celebration, honoring traditions, gathering with family and friends, setting up a Christmas tree and decorating our homes. There are many places to find Christmas treasures, but referring to an online site such as Balsam Hill reviews to find realistic artificial Christmas trees and other holiday treasures is an excellent decision.

Trimming the tree is part of the annual ritual associated with the holiday. However, real Christmas trees are not the only viable option. There are many reasons to buy a realistic artificial Christmas tree.

There’s no need to cut down a tree, or spend hours finding the right one. Realistic artificial Christmas trees are made to look exactly like real trees minus the mess and the maintenance. There are no needles to sweep constantly or vacuum, and they can be left up longer than a real tree. They also don’t require the watering that real trees require. And because they are artificial, they can be packed up and stored away, saving you hundreds of dollars. Each year you’ll know that you have a beautifully shaped tree to display in your home or office. But there’s another reason a realistic artificial Christmas tree is a good choice. The option of pre-installed Christmas lights takes away the hassle every year of having to untangle lights and place them on the tree.

The Christmas tree, with a history dating back to 18th century Germany, looks great with lights, but it looks even better with ornaments. Old-fashioned, well-crafted ornaments are beloved by families, but you can get that same look and feel with new ornaments that are heirloom quality, and, therefore, beautifully designed. Even though such ornaments are brand new, they’ll become treasures that will be passed down through the generations. A particular favorite are hand painted glass ornaments with a tradition dating back to the earliest days of the Christmas tree.

To add to the look and feel of the Christmas tradition, a good quality online site will also carry high-quality treasures desired for the holiday. These include such items as candles, music boxes, snow globes, pillows and throws and Christmas collectibles.

Passing On Holiday Traditions

DSC_0042As a Catholic and a Filipino, Christmas has always been a big deal to me. I lived in a country where we celebrate Christmas as early as October. You will literally see Christmas decors on the streets, outside the houses and inside, on store establishments, offices, schools, etc. It’s everywhere! Christmas spirit is in everyone and nobody complains about anyone being merry and bright and cheery about Christmas even if it’s just October. I love Christmas. Everyone seems to be more loving and are always in a good to when it’s Christmas.

Now that I am here in the U.S., I brought the Filipino Christmas cheer with me. I spread it to my kids. They love Santa Claus, the Christmas tree, the decors, the peppermint cookies and the Christmas eve feast. I have to iterate that I am very realistic about the whole Santa Claus idea. Everyone can play Santa Claus to anyone. He is the spirit of giving… emphasis in “giving”. My kids who are 3 and 5 knows that it is better to give than to receive. I am not trying to rob them of the fantasy of Santa Claus. But growing up in the Philippines, I knew, even though nobody told me, that Santa isn’t real. Sad but that’s the truth about life and of being a kid born in the third world country.

Aside from that, I grew up happy and I grew up loving Christmas. My parents did pretty good job at giving me wonderful Christmas memories. Brought up in a strict Catholic home, Christmas usually involves Misa de Gallo. I attend 9 consecutive early morning masses leading to Christmas, the Advent Season. My whole family goes with me. Here in the US, can’t really do that due to some reasons but I do pray the rosary instead and have my kids pray “Hail Mary” with me.

Christmas is giving. Being that said, my family buys Christmas gifts to everyone as early as July. It is somehow a family event. My kids even help pick up gifts for everyone. It is a sweet thing to do. They are so thoughtful at an early age. This year, we are attending the Walmart Toyland Event. It is the best time to get gifts for the kids! I cannot wait to share with you our experience to this event. Stay tuned!

Christmas is a feast. Well, not really a huge feast but a decent one. We love the hot cocoa in the morning, the reading of the Christmas cards sent but family from afar, the opening of gifts and the breakfast on the couch while watching Christmas movies.

Christmas is best celebrated with the family, with the people who loves you.


Gift Ideas for Babies

The Holidays are coming and so does the craze in buying gifts for everyone!!! May it be for the young, the old and of course the baby. Babies are the easiest to give gifts to. They don’t complain much… well, maybe the parents will (just kidding). But that doesn’t mean you can buy just about anything without thinking.

If thinking isn’t your strongest point… like me… sometimes. Here are some quick ideas you can give to a baby or for the parents who like baby stuff for their babies (what else?!).

  • Diapers
    -I guarantee you, every parent would appreciate it. May it be cloth or disposable diapers, it will surely be put to good use. Just a hint though, make sure to ask what size the baby is wearing before you go shopping. If you are not sure, keep the receipt so you can exchange it just in case.
  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether
    – There is something about this teether that babies love. It is not cheap. It costs around $25 at Toys R Us. Though a tad pricey, it seems to be worth it. Babies especially the teething ones just LOVES this.
  • Sports Themed Outfits
    -Want to earn great points to parents? Well, get the ones that are of their interest. Are they sports fans? Do they love the Dallas Cowboys? I know, I do. Well check out  Dallas Cowboys baby clothing. They are the most adorable thing! Babies can be great fans too, you know?
  • Ride On Toys
    -Mad wheels?! Well, yes please. Your not the only one who can roll in style. Any ride on toys will surely make a baby glee as they go wheelie! Check out this little one in a sweet Harley bike. How badass is that?!


    photo not mine

    And is that a mini wheelie he is doing right there? Mad skills, little bro!

Honestly, whatever you give to the little recipient this Christmas, the size or the price doesn’t really matter. It’s the thought and the love that goes with the gift really more. Though anything from the list above are pretty awesome, eh?!

Our Christmas and New Year

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some about my little family. Le’s get on with the holidays…

The day before Christmas my hubby was at work, doing the usual 12-hour shift. I was left with my minions as usual, we played outside and had fun. I did a few cooking, nothing grand since we decided not to do the Noche Buena anyone. As for anyone not familiar with Noche Buena, well, it is a feast shared by the whole family and/or friends on the eve of Christmas. It is a tradition observed by everyone in my home country, the Philippines.

On the morning of Christmas day my minis raided two Christmas trees with gifts, from their grandparent’s and ours’. They had so much fun and way too much toys.

dc-109 dc-110 dc-111 dc-112

Our New Year’s eve, we had so much fun. We were awake past bedtime to wait for the year 2014. We played, sang watched tv and took a lot of photos for Instagram which resulted to just one acceptable photo.


How about you?! How did you celebrate the holiday season? 🙂


Take A Moment…

Hello, everyone! I just want to share with you all this most heartwarming and heartbreaking video I found on YouTube.

This video displays the true meaning of love. Love for the family, love for your spouse and love for life. Love is undying. Even from the grave, this wonderful woman found a way to let her family know and feel how much she loves them. Please take some time to watch this video through the end. It’ll make you appreciate life more. I am sure you will cry your eyes out ones you watch this. I know I did.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy this season with your loved ones!