Finding Monsters: Guardians of Esurack Second-Chances Under the Bed (Book Review)

Every once in awhile I stumble upon a book where I find myself “enthralled” and can’t seem to put it down. My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Caesar by Colleen McCullough, any of the Dune Chronicles by Frank Herbert. Some of these novels are literary geniuses and have received great acclaim from society, some of these novels are still great with less acclamation. Either way, they are no less brilliantly written. Frank Herbert once wrote that when a reader purchases a book, they enter a “contract” with the writer, and the stipulation of the contract is that the reader will be thoroughly entertained and in some cases touched by the publication. I will say that the eBook I read, Finding Monsters  by Liss Thomas, has fulfilled this contractual obligation to the fullest.


This is a book that involves a teenage girl, Missy, who is dying and will not live passed the age of sixteen. A few days before the coming end, the monster under her bed–who she names Charlie–calls to her and makes the last days of her life enjoyable. Charlie then makes a huge sacrifice so that Missy may spend a few hours knowing what life as a normal teenage girl would be like, binding himself to her. Upon what would seem to be his and her death, they are “rescued” by Charlie’s parents, and from that point the books takes off on a miraculous adventure as Missy must complete three quests to become a monster in order to restore Charlie to his full glory. In each quest she gives her entire self to succeed and to accomplish her goal, knowing that Charlie’s well being is the ultimate reward, the “monster” who gave her a second chance.

If this was a movie, it would be a blockbuster, rated PG-13 due to one or two scenes with minor violence–broken bones and fire breathing dragons–and would be a must see for any family night out.

To purchase and to know more about Finding Monsters ( and the entire series) and the author Liss Thomas, visit her website at:
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16 thoughts on “Finding Monsters: Guardians of Esurack Second-Chances Under the Bed (Book Review)

  1. I seldom read mysteries novel, just sometimes complicated and you need to make sure you remembered everything too, because they’re instance that has a flash back within the stories.

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